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Sportfreunde Stiller - Burli - Vinyl LP (Ltd. Light Blue, Numbered)

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"I roque! I gamble! I pop! I stall! I block! I tease! I cook! I am Burli!

For 20 years now, people interested in music have known exactly what a Burli is. Maybe not everyone can explain it, but since then everyone has known what it sounds like.

It is our third studio album and it is probably our favorite production, at least that is what Flo would say. The exterior alone, with its light blue, sunny color scheme and ornate, playful fonts, exudes an aesthetic joy, a visual dynamic that blared through life as bold young people back then. We were so keen on music and threw ourselves headlong into the rush of the songs that we created in the rehearsal room. "Siehst du das genauso?" in particular was selected very early on. It gave us courage and confidence for the production.
We were able to record our records in sunny Spain, had a lot of fun in the studio, by the pool and by the sea and even quickly recorded songs like "Ich Roque" on the spot. That's what happens when you go through life freely, casually and, above all, with a wink.

We are still happy today that this self-assessment paid off. For the record company too, by the way.

So be careful, everyone needs this sports-friendly masterpiece on vinyl for upcoming tour dates. Because: "We're coming!"