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Alpamayo - Music from Peru & Ecuador - CD

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Experience the fascinating world of Alpamayo, named after the majestic, snow-capped mountain of Ancash, Peru. This talented group will take you on a musical journey through the rich rhythms and traditions of South America that have been lived in their homeland for generations. With an extensive repertoire of original compositions and traditional pieces from Peru and other South American countries, they have already successfully conquered Europe.

On stage, Alpamayo presents a unique mix of panpipes, shepherd's flutes, charango, guitar, bombo and percussion, complemented by occasional electronic elements that create a new and captivating sound. Her music has been praised by critics worldwide, including the Italian magazine Suono, which described her art as "beautiful" and a "rich artistic evolution."

Experience the beauty and vibrancy of South American culture through the stirring sounds of Alpamayo. This unique musical experience will delight you and enchant your senses.